3 reasons to make hunter's world different

1. Pioneering the English – Vietnamese bilingual program with OXFORD  (UK) and STEAM (Singapore) curriculum.

2. Wide range of extracurricular/outdoor activities.

3. Using the KidsOnline app, parents can easily monitor their children at school.

giao vien va hoc sinh truong mam non hunter world

WHY should your child learn STEAM?

ky nang min scaled


Children easily make connections between definitions and concepts before real-life phenomena.

chuong trinh steam cua truong mam non quoc te hunters world 5 scaled


Help children understand technology, can grasp and develop and use technology skills.

hoc science truong mam non hunter world


Children will understand the process of assembling and creating a product. Creative thinking is also enhanced thanks to that.

chuong trinh art steam cua truong mam non quoc te hunters world


Artistic activities such as dancing, singing, painting, etc. help children develop their senses fully. Creativity and imagination will also be built and enhanced.

chuong trinh steam cua truong mam non quoc te hunters world 2 scaled


Understanding the calculation, performing calculations that are not just dry numbers, it will be applied to real life.

What does HUNTER'S WORLD bring?


A clean and friendly learning environment for children to freely learn and explore

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A team of dedicated teachers who are thoroughly trained professionally before teaching
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Methods of training children’s classes according to Singapore’s modern educational standards

Nutritional diet and care at school are comprehensively guaranteed for the children

” School Tour “

For more information about our school, programs and teachers. Parents, please contact and schedule a school tour.