Training program at Hunter's World

Oxford and Macmillan Program (UK)

chuong trinh steam cua truong mam non quoc te hunters world 2

STEAM Program (Singapore)

h287 min

Subjects at Hunter's World

hoc ngu am tai truong mam non hunters world min


Focus on sounds, phonics, word usage, sentence construction, and develop Hunter’s skills in delivering clear messages and intentions.

hoc toan tai truong mam non min


Solve numbers, count, shapes, number problems, measure, estimate, sort, recognize patterns, add and subtract numbers.

hoc doc tai truong mam non hunter min


Practice how to communicate by using grammar rules and proper word formation.

hoc van hoa tai hunters world min

Ethics and soft skills

Focus on emotional, social and psychological development. Hunters will learn the importance of values ​​like honesty, forgiveness, empathy, kindness, independence and so on.

hoc ngon ngu tai truong mam non hunter min


Reading helps Hunters practice comprehension and analysis. It stimulates creativity and imagination, while developing memory and emotional stability.

hoc viet chu tai truong mam non hunters world min


Hunters are getting started with handwriting at Preschool 2 (N2) in preparation for Kindergarten and Elementary.


Performing Arts

Develop talents, self-esteem and cultivate the strengths of young hunters.

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Movement skills

Hunters will be trained to complete daily tasks and take care of themselves with gross and fine motor skills regularly.

hoc yoga tai truong mam non hunters world min

Yoga and painting

Both yoga and painting have been shown to improve mindfulness, calmness, concentration, and emotional management ages 4 – 12.